How power would be distributed in the Legislature and who would go to Congress with the outcome of these elections

With almost the 98% of tables scrutinized, the results obtained so far mark Change Mendoza with 43.7%, at Front of All 25.23% and in third place is the blank vote as third force with almost 10% of the votes. After the Green party and the Left Front with 5%.

Beyond these partial percentages, if the general elections were contested with these results, the Congress of the Nation would be conformed as follows:

Alfredo Cornejo (CM), Mariana Juri (CM) and Anabel Fernández Sagasti (FdT)

Julio Cobos, Pamela Verasay and Álvaro Martínez (CM)

Adolfo Bermejo and Liliana Paponet (FdT)

First District: Claudia Najul (CM), Alejandro Diumenjo (CM), Angela Floridia (CM), Gabriel Pradines (CM); Gerardo Vaquer (FdT), Adriana Cano (FdT)

Second District: Fernanda Sabadí (CM), Mario Ana (CM), Valentín González (CM); Alejandro Bermejo (FdT), Mercedes Derrache (FdT)

Third District: Martín Kerchner (CM), Mariana Zlobec (CM), Germán Vicchi (CM); Helio Perviú (FdT)

Fourth District: Abel Freidemberg (CM), Jésica Laferte (CM), Pedro Serra (FdT), Alejandra Barro (FdT)

First District: Jorge López (CM), Cecilia Rodríguez (CM), Evelyn Pérez (CM), Guillermo Mosso (CM), Enrique Thómas (CM), Carolina Guillén (CM), José Luis Ramón (FdT), Martina Morán (FdT).

Second District: Daniel Llaver (CM), Giuliana Díaz (CM), Mauricio Di Cesare (CM), Juan Pablo Giulino (FdT), Natalia Vicencio (FdT), Lautaro Cruciani (FdT)

Third District: Lula Balsells Miró (CM), Diego Costarelli (CM), Mauricio Torres (CM), Julio Villafañe (FdT), Leticia Zanelli (FdT)

Fourth District: Gisela Valdez (CM), José Manuel Vilches (CM), Gabriel Vilche (CM), Omar Félix (FdT), Nilda Escudero (FdT)

In each of the departments, the majority would be made up of councilors Change Mendoza, the minority is obtained by Front of All and the novelty would occur in the municipalities of Rivadavia and Saint Charles.

In Rivadavia the former radical mayor would enter, Ricardo Mansur and in San Carlos I could occupy a bench María Bianchetti, both militants ofl Green Party. While in Malargüe, Francisco Parada, of the Federal Party it would make a difference on the Deliberative Council.

The second place in Guaymallén of the Frente de Todos could be modified and Erica Condorí would enter.

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