How much of the population has China vaccinated with the full schedule?

More than 86 percent of the Chinese population has already received the full schedule of vaccines that the country administers against COVID-19, according to official data made public this Saturday by the National Health Commission.

As of Friday, China had inoculated the necessary doses for the complete vaccination of more than 1,220 million people, that is, 86.4% of the country’s 1,412 million inhabitants., said today at a press conference the spokesman for the health commission, Mi Feng.

Last year, the head of the Chinese anti-covid team, epidemiologist Zhong Nanshan, indicated that herd immunity would not arrive until 83.3% of the population was vaccinated.

Zhong assured then that the lethality of the covid had to fall from the current 1% to about 0.1% so that the country can return to “normality”.

So far, China has remained unrelenting in its zero tolerance policy against COVID., with strict restrictions on mobility, selective or complete confinements to stop active outbreaks in the country and the practically total closure of its borders to avoid imported cases.

Spokesman Mi said today that the Asian country is facing “a great challenge” due to the delta and omicron variants of the virus fifteen days before the Chinese New Year begins, with which the authorities have asked that people not travel if it is not “strictly necessary”, with the aim of avoiding the massive displacements typical of these dates.

Stricter measures have also been put in place in the capital, Beijing, to “ensure the safety” of the 2022 Winter Olympics, which will begin on February 4.

The organizations in charge of managing the pandemic in the capital have demanded that all those responsible “not relax” and “strengthen work” to prevent “hidden spread” of the pathogen.

Meanwhile, work to control the virus in the central city of Xi’an, which has been under complete lockdown since Dec. 23, has entered its “final stage,” according to Mi.

Meanwhile, in the northern city of Tianjin, where an omicron outbreak was detected, several rounds of massive tests have been carried out on the population, and partial confinements and prohibitions to leave the city have also been decreed.

Apart from Xi’an and Tianjin -which today recorded 4 and 39 new local infections-, cases of covid by community transmission were also reported this Saturday in the provinces of Henan (center, 52), Canton (south, 8) and Zhejiang. (east, 1).



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