How much is the arrival in the Champions League round of 16 for Milan?

In the last round of the groups, Stefano Pioli’s boys will need a home win against a Liverpool already certain of first place, and will have to cross their fingers hoping for a favorable result in the match between Atletico and Porto.

Atletico Madrid v AC Milan: Group B - UEFA Champions League

But how much would the Rossoneri earn in the event of reaching the round of 16? The answer is given by colleagues from Football & Finance who calculated the possible revenues deriving from the qualification.

First of all, we need to start with the revenue that will surely fill the Milanese coffers: let’s talk about 15.64 million for the sole participation in the tournament, of 17.1 million euros for the historical / ten-year ranking and a first market pool (built on the basis of the last Serie A) from 6 million of Euro.

A second part of the market pool is instead elaborated on the basis of the performance of the other Italians in this Champions League. The minimum odds, the one that would be obtained in the event of elimination of the Rossoneri in the round of 16, with two Italians in the final and one in the semifinals (practically an impossible thing), amounts to 3.5 million euros. Finally, they would be added 6.53 million for the results achieved in the group (deriving from the necessary victory over Liverpool) e 9.6 million for the arrival in the round of 16.

Stefano Pioli

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