How much did the tickets cost for the PASO 2021 in Mendoza

Not all the parties presented candidates in all the departments, as well as, at the provincial level there were only inmates in Change Mendoza and in the Left Front.

The final results of the STEP 2021

With almost 98% of the tables scrutinized, the final results of STEP 2021 are as follows:

  • Mendoza changes: 43.07% (the two lists are added)
  • Front of All; 25.23%
  • Green Party: 5.70%
  • Left Front: 4.96% (two lists are added)
  • Federal Party: 3.56%
  • Let’s go Mendoza: 3.44%
  • Federal Commitment: 3.14%
  • Popular Dignity: 0.95%

With these results, for national positions, the only one that failed to exceed the 1.5% floor was Dignidad Popular. The same happened in what has to do with provincial positions for which a 3% floor is requested.

It is worth bearing in mind that the blank vote exceeded 9%, remaining in third place.


Photo: Martín Pravata

How much was the cost of the ballots of the PASO 2021

The Government of Mendoza announced this Tuesday how much the tickets of some of the parties cost and that they were distributed in each department. It is worth remembering that in some departments there were up to 20 ballots for the number of collectors and departmental interns. Likewise, only provincial and municipal positions are taken into account.

It must be taken into account that for the thousand ballots the value of $ 1,330 is taken as a reference.

These were the costs per ballot already published, according to the party:

  • Federal Party: $ 5,731,995.43
  • Front Left: $ 10,677,492.70
  • Federal Commitment: $ 17,146,540.88
  • Front of All: $ 14,393,208.13
  • Change Mendoza: $ 15.807.131.13
  • Let’s go Mendoza: $ 8,019,641.98
  • Green Party: $ 5,743,457.37

All parties must render a documented account before the Ministry of Government, Labor and Justice of the use of public funds delivered within a maximum period of thirty calendar days from the receipt of the same.

How much affected state employees will get paid

Through another decree, the provincial government also made official how much the affected personnel will be paid to work in the PASO 2021 and that it will repeat tasks in the elections 2021 of November.

These personnel, who are from the Directorate of the Registry of Civil Status and Capacity of People, will charge a sum of $ 4000 in a non-reimbursable and non-remunerative nature.

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