How many wives and children did Juan Gabriel have in his entire life?

Alberto Aguilera Valadez it was his real name. He was a Mexican singer, songwriter, composer, music producer, musician, philanthropist, and actor. Although we all know him more as Juan Gabriel. He was born on January 7, 1950 in Parácuaro, Mexico and passed away on August 28, 2016 in Santa Monica, California, United States.

Without a doubt Juan Gabriel He was one of the most representative and recognized musicians in Mexico. After his death, he became a legend, leaving his music around the world. That was his best and most genuine heritage. However, for everyone who wants to know how many wives e sons the singer had in his entire life, below we give you all the details.

Laura Salas it’s what the name was who was his first wife. The Divo de Juárez married her and they conceived Iván Aguilera. Also, Salas was the one who ended up raising all of the singer’s adopted children.

In the 80’s is when the Mexican singer started a family with her. He always longed for a large family and somehow he got it. He raised 5 children, Alberto Aguilera Jr., Iván Gabriel, Joan Gabriel, Hans Gabriel, and Jean Gabriel.

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Juan Gabriel, his wife and children

Faced with the uncertainty of knowing how many wives e sons had Juan Gabriel in his entire life, His relatives always say that the singer wanted to continue expanding his family and having another child of his own blood. For that reason is that He proposed to who at that time was his cook, Guadalupe Gonzáles, to agree to have a child with him.

She accepted but on one condition, that the child was not exposed to the world of show business. This is how he was born Luis Alberto Aguilera. For a time it was kept secret until it finally became known when it was already 26 years old. However, it was never confirmed if he was truly her biological son. According to official records, the singer had 5 children, 4 adopted and 1 by artificial insemination.

Although many times there was speculation about the sexual orientation of Juan Gabriel, it should be remembered that the singer claimed that he was in love with Aída Cuevas. In fact, he came to ask her for marriage on several occasions, although she never accepted his offer because she wanted to take care of their relationship with friends.

His desire to be a father and have a great family is what always motivated him to adopt so many children. Beyond the rumors about their sexuality, the disputes between women and their sons Due to inheritance, his little environment was the one who always listened to him and gave him advice in the face of criticism from the press.

Did you imagine that Juan Gabriel had only one wife and so many children in all his life?

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