How is the tattoo that Stefi Roitman and Ricky Montaner got together within hours of getting married: the photos

Ricky montaner Y Stefi Roitman they celebrated their love at one of the most important weddings in recent years. With the presence of more than 300 guests, the couple vowed eternal love through the gold wedding bands exchanged at the altar. But now they decided to get a tattoo to show their commitment to each other.

The singer and the actress are enjoying their honeymoon on some beautiful paradisiacal beaches. As they spend their days away from the world, Steffi He shared images on his social networks that revealed that each had tattooed the initial of the other on the fingers of their hands.

“2 years of boyfriends; 5 days of married”, wrote Roitman to commemorate your love. Ricky decided to make the “S” inches from the wedding ring and the “R” can be seen on the ring finger of the actress.

For his part, the son of Ricardo Montaner He celebrated the years with his now wife with a romantic postcard on his Instagram stories. In the photo you can see them both very caramelized and in love.

Stefi and the plagiarism problem with her wedding dress

One of the things fans loved the most was the stunning dress she wore Roitman during your wedding ceremony. It was a mikado accompanied by an armed skirt, cut at the waist and strapless on the sleeves that fell below the shoulders. But a user realized that this dress already existed.

“It seemed to me that I knew this dress. Inspired by a Carolina Herrera, friend and compatriot of the Montaners”explained the account @ chusmeteando1. Will the famous designer take a letter on the matter?

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