How is the superbarbijo against the Delta variant of coronavirus

The battle against the coronavirus is not over yet. While the information to take care of yourself changes all the time, the truth is that one of the main recommendations continues to be the mandatory use of chinstraps. With the Delta variant Gaining ground, the world’s highest health authorities urge people to continue using masks, social distancing and practicing other security measures for the Covid-19 pandemic.

The antiviral and repellent brand Nanotech Shields of the Argentine SME Nanotech Salud SA, in collaboration with two European companies, developed new social masks with nanotechnology with a silicon structure and benzalkonium chloride as an active agent. This super chinstrap arrives to mark the evolution of everything known in social masks.

Its main differential is protection it provides against the Delta, the variant that originated in India and is estimated to be 120 percent more contagious than the original virus. What’s more, can be washed 100 times.

This new development has a 99.98 percent effectiveness for viruses and one hundred percent for bacteria and fungi. Its active agent, benzalkonium chloride, first attacks the virus protein that allows transmission, providing a much faster response in deactivating the risk.

Its novel nanotechnologyMeanwhile, it is based on a silicon matrix (derived from the earth) that is responsible for transporting the active agent and attaching itself to the fiber substrate.

How is the safest mask on the market?

  • They have seven layers of protection and a bi-directional elimination design, specially thought for the containment of the Delta strain.
  • The first layer is a hemorrhoid treatment, whose function is to protect against a splash of blood on the public highway or an accident.
  • The second coat is water-repellent, responsible for repelling the microdroplets generated by a sneeze or the very action of talking about other people.
  • The third has an antiviral, antibacterial and fungicidal treatment in the same fiber of the fabric.
  • The fourth protection is a three-layer non-woven fabric filter.
  • The fifth layer has an internal antiviral treatment to eliminate the viral load that the user may have (in the case of being a carrier of coronavirus).
  • The sixth has an antibacterial treatment in charge of eliminating the colony of bacteria that are formed by heat and humidity and a fungicidal treatment.
  • The latter has a water-repellent process on the internal side responsible for stopping the micro-droplets released by the user to the outside.

The masks are worn up to 12 hours a day and are reusable for 100 washes. (Photo: Nanotech Shields).

Safe and more effective

All products of Nanotech Shields come with two tag tags. One with code for registration and traceability, which must be uploaded and verified on the manufacturer’s website to guarantee the user that the product they use has the original properties. The other card is the certificate of If Bac Pure, a unique technology at a global level that consists of a finish with antivirus and antimicrobial properties.

The super chinstrap features a clip nasal for a better fit, which in turn improves its ergonomic design tightness, allowing a perfect fit from the top of the nose to under the chin, according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Its main differential is the protection it provides against the Delta (Photo: Nanotech Shields).

More economical

The masks sThey wear up to 12 hours a day and are reusable for 100 washes. A single super mask equals 300 disposable masks, 150 KN95 masks, or 30 ion nanotechnology masks.

The new social masks are available at official website of the brand.

Its price is 540 pesos and can be paid in up to six installments without interest.

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