How is the mansion that Diego Torres left in Miami after the separation of Débora Bello

Diego Torres and Débora Bello they make up a solid couple, one of the most beloved in the artistic environment. Love united them sixteen years ago and from that powerful bond little Nina came into the world, that soul that definitely illuminated the life of the singer and the model.

Of course, in the last hours a news item shook the estates, since it was leaked that Diego and Débora are going through a very deep relationship crisis, a disagreement that opened the doors to a decision by the actor to pack their suitcases and leave the family home.

All of this came up in LAM, where Angel de Brito he launched into relating the links in this story: “They even told me more. According to what they told me, he would have left his house and would be living in an apartment or a house on Calle 79, which is well known in that area.“.

While awaiting more data and official confirmations of the breakup of a spectacular, loving and granite couple, the focus is directed to the benefits of the property that Torres has in the North American city and from which he moved.

The famous singer declared on several occasions that the choice of that land is due to work obligations, that if he could choose with total freedom he would prefer to live in San Martín de los Andes. The truth is that the mansion in Miami stands at a nerve center.

Diego and Débora’s house is located very close to the beach and the crystalline seaThat’s why they used to take walks on the white sands. One of the most impressive features is linked to the construction of a professional music studio, where Torres spends long hours submerged.

Through the posts on social networks it can be perceived that the property holds a kilometer garden, with palm trees and hydrangeas. A cozy corner, ideal to frolic in the sun or to play with little Nina. Another of the top environments is the kitchen, of a starry size and composed of luxury furniture, with wonderful appliances and a gigantic island.

Diego once explained the reasons for settling in Miami: “I’m going to settle there, my work as a singer requires that I be from city to city promoting the album and Miami seems to me to be an excellent city to live in and very close to the rest of Latin America.”.

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