How is the low-key life of Madonna’s eldest daughter, Lola León

Landing the world at the hand of a mother of that magnitude can mean some setbacks, because interplanetary fame also encompasses uncomfortable situations. Lourdes Leon, that name does not arouse curiosity in the first instance, but if it is specified that she is the daughter of Madonna everything changes.

Lola grew from the entrails of one of the most incredible singers in history and came into the universe as the fruit of the artist’s love with Carlos Leon, that personal trainer of Cuban nationality. So from the moment it fell into the excessive attention of the media and the public.

Far from enjoying the possibilities of a comfortable life, full of luxury and open doors, Lola he chose to walk a path of normality. That is why he always chose to stay away from the lights and dodged the facilities. In fact, he carried out the educational process of any citizen, in his case with a very cool high school like Guardia High School of Music & Art & Performing Arts.

At that stage, the daughter of Madonna He fell in love with Timothée Chalamet, an actor who just earned an Oscar nomination for his role in Call Me By Your Name. However, the love reached the final station, a break that the singer at some point celebrated by declaring: “They were very young.”

Lourdes feels artistic expressions, they beat in her veins, that’s why she signed up for the Michigan University, where he goes through the career of Performing Arts, like any other student who stays on campus and burns his eyelashes at night.

This 21-year-old does not give interviews to the media, the few photos that circulate of her are those in which the paparazzi capture her in their routine activities, such as walking through the streets of the city of Michigan.

Another of the peculiar edges of his personality is intertwined with his adherence to an interesting trend known as sobaquember, which consists of a choice to naturally grow hair in the armpits. A thought that not only refers to aesthetics, but to the right to choose not to intervene in the anatomy and not to respond to the standards of superficial beauty.

And a detail not less than Lourdes it has to do with the decision to avoid social networks, since a profile was never opened on any of the digital platforms. A determination that confirms her tendency to cultivate a low profile and not be judged as Madonna’s daughter.

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