How is he "menu" from "16.000 pesos" at Germán Martitegui’s restaurant, which is about to close

The end of an era is approaching, of a true insignia, of a total icon in its field, not only in the country, but in the continent. German Martitegui travels through a roller coaster of emotions, because the final closure of his restaurant is approaching Tegui.

The famous chef confirmed, in his social networks, that he will lower the blinds of this emblematic establishment in Palermo, a venue that catapulted him to the pinnacle of gastronomy, by positioning himself among the best in Latin America for years, in specialized rankings.

Obviously, Germán gathered the courage to make this drastic decision, based on the analysis of multiple factors, although in his statement on Instagram he assured that it is not related to a financial setback, but rather to a bet on new horizons.

Precisely on its digital platform, the MasterChef jury expressed: “The Tegui that we all know and love in Palermo says goodbye. It will be 30 days in which we will honor everything that Tegui meant with great pride ”.

In that post, very emotional by the way, Germán invites all those who never came to take advantage of this month of October, as well as thanking the diners who always chose him. On the other hand, he also explains that he will recap to find a new method for Tegui.

As of this news, there was speculation regarding the reasons that pushed the cook, in that sense it was believed that the pandemic had hit the restaurant’s economic stability, to the point that in those hard months an attempt was made to sell in delivery mode.

Despite this probability, Germán asserted: “This decision is more personal than anything else.” And that phrase opened the doors to consider that the chef wants to invest much more time, and dedication, to raising his two children.

Regarding the costs of Tegui dishes in the last month, two menus offered by the establishment went viral. The first is linked to ten steps and a wine pairing whose value amounts to 16 thousand pesos per person, yes, 16 thousand pesos. The second option is a tasting, also in ten steps, at a cost of 13 thousand pesos.

“There are many more nights left, we are getting into the rhythm and each day that passes makes me less want to close. It is one of the most beautiful stages of my life and it deserves to close it well above. It is a beautiful part of my life that I leave for another. very beautiful part, and much more exciting, that are my children “, he said in a report a few days ago.

“The farewell menu consists of several steps that include beans-peas-seeds (it is a fermented seed cracker, covered by a green cream with vegetables and edible flowers), mate-fungo (a spongy bread to break and spread in a sauce, and celeriac-pancetta “, a dish served by Martitegui in person”, they said in For you.

“This last dish was not in Tegui before and it is a family recipe of the chef who, when presented, becomes a true spectacle in itself: with a knife, he breaks a crust of salt that surrounds the celeriac, a sweet root that remains tender for the cooking mode, cut it into slices and serve it with a white bacon cream“they commented in the magazine.

It is followed by ricotta gnocchi and artichokes; threshing confit in butter on a soft mashed potatoes; sweetbreads, with green beans and apple, and kid wrapped in two grape leaves. Finally comes the dessert: ‘choco-Tegui’ which are 9 types of cocoa with dulce de leche ice cream.

“There are many things that are prepandemic, reasons why I close Tegui. One is that I am a father, only father. A restaurant like this requires a healthy ambition and dedication that means that you cannot have anything else, neither partner nor children, because this is all. It is an effort that I can no longer do because I am in another stage of my life “, the chef finished.

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