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– Priority in the case of obtaining a tie in the results of the entrance exams to public or private institutions of higher education.

– Reduction of one month in the time of provision of the compulsory military service if they are high school or auxiliary high school soldiers and two months if they are peasant soldiers or regular soldiers.

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– Benefits in the award of educational scholarships, rural properties and housing subsidies offered by the State in cases of equality of conditions strictly established in an open competition. They will have a similar treatment in the event of equal scores on an eligible list when it comes to career employment with the State.

– Students from an official institution of higher education will be entitled to a 10% discount on the cost of tuition, according to article 1 of Law 815 of 2003, with which new incentives are added to the voter.

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– Discount of 10% in the value of the issuance of the passport that you request during the 4 years following the vote, for a single time.

– Discount of 10% of the value in the initial procedure and issuance of duplicates of the Military Book; in duplicates of the citizenship card, from the second duplicate onwards and half a day of remunerated compensatory rest for the time used to pay.

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