How are the definitive lists for the Council in the ruling party, Peronism and Macrismo

Socialists and Javkinists resolved the leadership of the Civic and Social Progressive Front (FPCyS) in an intern that although it did not have the sparks that were in the Peronist contest, it was interesting from the first moment to know if the “old guard” was back in the foreground or if the mayor of Rosario gains ground in the face of the future with Ciro Seisas at the head of the list of councilors.

With the victory of the Arriba Rosario list, which responds to the mayor, followed by Más Para Rosario, with the former candidate for mayor Verónica Irizar, The top positions on the final list of the ruling front would be made up, according to the provisional scrutiny, by Seisas followed by Nadia Amalevi, Verónica Irizar, Mariano Roca, the mayor’s man as well, and just in fifth place the socialist Miguel Cappiello.


The inmates of Peronism, meanwhile, aroused everyone’s interest since the lists were written down. With the rivalry between Governor Omar Perotti and former Defense Minister Agustín Rossi, many are already beginning to diagram how the list of councilors will be made up after the elections this Sunday.

Taking into account the results of the provisional scrutiny, the list of councilors for Peronism in Rosario would be made up, in the first five places, by Lisandro Cavatorta, Julia Irigoitía, Norma López, Juan Manuel Constantini and María Eugenia Guzmán.

The third force

Together for Change, the third most voted front, has Anita Martínez as the big winner with almost 40 percent of the total votes obtained. SIt will be the one who will head the list along with his number two, the radical Martín Rosúa.

Third place will go to Carlos Cardozo, which garnered 17.22 percent of the total votes of the local macrismo and in fourth place, respecting the pairs by gender parity, whoever was third on Martínez’s list, Soledad Ruiz de Galarreta, will go.

The fifth place with the numbers for Monday afternoon would go to Agapito Blanco looking to renew its bank. However, Martínez’s operators do not rule out that this could be modified when the final scrutiny is carried out and 3 percent of the votes are added, about 15 thousand absolute numbers, which have not yet been counted. Without these votes, the difference in favor of Blanco is maintained, the current mayor will occupy that place, but not if it is in his favor, that place would be for Nicolás Ocariz.

With this official list, the local macrismo will dispute six of its nine seats and what some operators are already clear about is that with Sunday’s results four could be defended, which makes it clear that the PRO would lose between one and two seats. not to radically improve your performance.

The other two fronts that join the November contest are Ciudad Futura and Mejor, the space that led sports journalist Miguel Tessandori to the head and that slipped between the traditional fronts.

It should be remembered that on November 14, 13 of the 28 Council seats will be renewed. Of those 13 seats, Together for Change will put six into play, the Progressive Front three, Peronism three and Ciudad Futura 1

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