Housing – Higher Regional Court bans Airbnb in community buildings

The Vienna Higher Regional Court has confirmed the Airbnb ban on municipal housing. The city announced on Thursday. Airbnb had appealed against a corresponding first instance judgment of the commercial court. The proceedings concerned the short-term rental of community apartments. This is not allowed anyway, but offers kept appearing on the platform.

The Vienna Commercial Court recently ruled that municipal council apartments may not be offered for rent through the platform. Airbnb had previously agreed not to do this anymore – but asked the city to report corresponding advertisements. In the town hall one does not consider this to be feasible, one insists on a general block of addresses. Airbnb eventually promised to do so as part of a “voluntary initiative”.

Maybe just a stage win for the city

The procedure, where it comes to a corresponding legal obligation, could nevertheless go into the next round. Because according to the town hall, the current judgment is not yet legally binding. “The confirmation of the letting ban by the Higher Regional Court is very important,” said Vice Mayor and City Councilor for Housing, Kathrin Gaal (SPÖ), happily. The city and Wiener Wohnen have achieved another milestone in the protection of social housing in municipal housing. They are now pushing for a final decision and thus also for a legal claim that ensures that communal apartments are not allowed to be misused in this way. (apa)

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