Horacio Rodríguez Larreta: "We are the only ones who can stop the initiatives of Kirchnerism “

This Monday, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta spoke after the overwhelming victory of Juntos por el Cambio in the elections STEP and he sentenced: “The only ones who can say enough to Kirchnerism are us.” The head of the Buenos Aires government and one of the opposition leaders spoke from a vaccination center in the City of Buenos Aires.

“It is very important to consolidate an opposition. The only ones who can stop the initiatives of Kirchnerism, ”said Larreta.

And he insisted: “The only ones who can tell you enough are us because of the number of deputies we have and even because of the prospect of increasing the number of senators in the November elections.”

And not only to say enough, but also to propose initiatives, to propose laws that allow once and for all to make the decision to fight against drug trafficking, to improve security, to propose laws that generate work, to propose laws that make that the Government never again leaves the boys without going to the schools ”, he added.

The Buenos Aires Head of Government stressed the importance of opposition unity, “a unit that always has the attitude of continuing to add,” he explained. “It is the first time that Kirchnerism has managed to keep the opposition united. In Congress, we were able to curb the superpowers. All this thanks to unity. Yesterday the opposition obtained a vote of confidence, thanks to this unity. ‘

“We see a light of hope, we see that together we can build a better future, that it is possible. We see that there is an alternative in Argentina that works for security, for education, for the generation of work for everyone ”, he added regarding his feelings after the victory of his party.

“I ask you from my heart to continue accompanying us from here to November, not only to consolidate the election, but also to continue growing,” he said.

Meanwhile, he spoke to the militancy and asked “to speak with those who did not vote or some who voted for more minority expressions so that all together we not only put a stop to the government, but we can propose and work for the future better”.

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