Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and a hidden message towards Kirchnerism for 2023

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta called this Wednesday, before businessmen gathered at the IDEA Colloquium, to agree on a “common vision” and “end the crack“, after warning that” a credible monetary framework will only be achieved if behind that there is political support that guarantees its stability over time. “

“The great objective in Argentina is build a common vision that allows us to sustain over time a plan to grow 3 or 4 points per year for 25 years. That is what all the countries that emerged from their crises did, “said Rodríguez Larreta in his speech during the business forum held in Costa Salguero.

In this framework, he indicated that “here we cannot do this for 90 years,” for which he argued that “in order to travel that path there are some preconditions” among which he highlighted that of “building a consensus and sustaining it in the given time.” that “each president is like a founder, where everything that was done before is a catastrophe and you have to start from scratch.”

Regarding what has to happen from now on, he sent a message in which he left out the Kirchnerism: “What we have is to agree on a common vision, which will never be unanimous, there is no 100% consensus, but we have to aim for two thirds of the system, a 70%, we can go down a path that we support whoever the next president is afterwards, “he said.

Rodríguez Larreta seeks to create consensus for 2023, but without Kirchnerism.

And he pointed out that “we must have the capacity, whoever we have to reach 2023, to be able to summon the rest to a Coalition government that guarantees that what is agreed at that time will be sustained over time. It’s the only way to have a long-term plan. “

“Nobody is going to to invest in Argentina if they do not have the confidence that the rules will be sustained over time, “he said.

In another section of his speech, Rodríguez Larreta considered that “we must end the crack, because the crack is a catastrophe and makes it impossible for us to sit down to talk”

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