Homemade recipes with plants that strengthen nails

Homemade recipes with plants that strengthen nails | Pexels Special

Brittle and brittle nails They represent one of the biggest concerns of women who like to wear them long and decorated, because this problem does not let them look the way we like. In fact, this situation not only affects us, but can occur in people indistinctly, affecting the health and aesthetics of the hands. It might seem that we are careless and uninterested in our personal hygiene, when we are not.

But Mother Nature can help us give back to fingertips the health they need through some of their daughters plants that for us turn out to be medicinal and healing. Because the growth of these very important tools for our hands is directly related to their strength, we will talk about three natural products that will help us strengthen them and their rapid growth.

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There are three medicinal plants that are usually present in some of the richest cooking recipes, but also in home remedies that serve to heal or take care of each different part of our body, such as hair, skin and of course, nails that serve us so much in our day to day. What would become of us if we did not have these pieces of skin extension that are useful to us to manipulate and tear things.

It’s time to give solution to nail weakness with the action of three well-known medicinal plants: rosemary, alfalfa and horsetail. Pay attention from now on if you want to add to your beauty routine one more step or a new option, beneficial for being natural.


Rosemary can not only be used to aromatize and give a special flavor to the most delicious dishes, but it is also one of the most beloved plants in the world. herbalism, which is the application of botany to medicine to heal the body with natural methods and products. It turns out to be a good natural antibiotic, in addition to strengthening hair and nails, our central theme at the moment. To use it on the fingers, they should be immersed for 10 to 20 minutes in a rosemary tea, then wash very well and rinse. It should be repeated twice a week.

Plants to strengthen the nails are easy to get

Plants that strengthen nails are easy to come by./Pexels

Horse tail

This plant with such a peculiar name is used in the mexican herbalism to treat various ills, including the problem of brittle nails, because among its active substances is silicon. You should only prepare a simple infusion of horsetail that should be left to rest for a whole day. Then, for a period of 10 to 20 minutes, the tips of the fingers should be immersed in it so that the preparation covers the entire extension of the nails. Once the time is up, it should be rinsed with warm water, to be repeated every third day.

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Usually, in the traditional mexican medicineThis plant is used as a dietary supplement because it has several vitamins such as B and C, in addition to some minerals such as iron and calcium, which are essential for good nail and hair growth. You do not necessarily have to prepare a tea from this, but it can be included in the daily diet to enjoy its strengthening benefits on our fingers.

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