Hockey: Argentina starts in Rosario and Litoral needs to assert its hometown

Litoral Damas

Sebastian Suarez Meccia

The debut of Litoral ladies, who will have the forward of Duendes, Agustina Bouza as captain, will be this Thursday at 10.40 (World Cup) against Mendoza precisely and at 5:20 p.m., in the same stadium he will face Mar del Plata. On Friday, at 2:00 p.m., also there, they will be seen with Buenos Aires to define their luck in the face of the crosses on Saturday.

For the selected Litoral ladies, DT José Luis Oro chose: Mayra Arancibia, Giulia Astore, Agustina Bouza (C), Jasmine Centurión, Giuliana Di Terlizi, Catalina Donosso, Victoria Gargiulo, Ornella Granito, María Sol Juro, Nadín Lacas, Pilar Larca, María Massiti, Sofía Mazón, Paula Montoya, Paula Mutti, Candela Nobile, Clara Ramos, Delfina Soljan, Bianca Stacchioti and Denise Wasinsky.

Agustina Bouza

Sebastian Suarez Meccia

Meanwhile, the men from Litoral will also be in their corresponding Zone A, which they will share with Mendoza, Tandilense and Santa Fe, in a group that seems more enjoyable in the face of the goal of settling in the semifinals. On the other side, in the B, will be Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Tucumán and Salta. Saturday will be the day they cross the 1st with the 2nd and vice versa, so avoiding Buenos Aires will surely be another of the primary objectives of this qualifying phase.

The men’s debut of Litoral will be this Thursday at 2:00 p.m. against Santafesina on the Jockey field and then on Friday it will have a double shift: at 10:40 with Mendoza and at 5:20 with Tandilense, both at the Mundialista Stadium.

Male shoreline

Sebastian Suarez Meccia

For the male Litoral team, DT Michel Ocaña chose: Manuel Miotti, Alejandro Barberis, Pablo Montecchiarini, Facundo Basterra (C), Tobías Bacigaluppo, David Rodríguez, Andrés Giménez, Ignacio Aimar, Santino Giustozzi, Manuel Lucini, Patricio Morales, Santiago Boretti, Franco Vetere, Sebastián Morlan, Lautaro Morandín, Manuel Harte , Juan Ignacio Montrasi, Mauro Conforti, Emanuel Cassinese and Lautaro Lucero.

Four years ago, in Salta, the Litoral men’s national team gave a historic blow, when consecrating for the first time in majors in this contest. Since then, he has longed to repeat with (today) some names of those who achieved the much desired title, among them Captain Facundo Basterra, from Jockey.

Facundo Basterra

Sebastian Suarez Meccia

The women’s team, for its part, has not been able to consecrate itself for 20 years, when he did it in Tucumán hand in hand, among others, with the sisters Cintia and Luciana Aymar and Ayelén Stepnik. Being again, after so many years of ups and downs (the stop of the descent should also have been banned), is a great desire that, if achieved, would also have that epic tone taking into account how the level of local hockey has decreased in recent times.

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