Historic: Toyota will race TC from 2022

The motorization of the Camry, the model with which already participates in the Top Race V6 category, it will be with the drivers provided by the category, the Cherokee multivalves.

“The Executive Committee of the Association of TC Runners (ACTC) received, on October 4, 2021, the official order of Toyota Argentina -signed by its President Mr. Daniel Herrero- to participate in Road Tourism with the Toyota Camry model “, reported the category via a press release.

“The same, who was sent to the Steering Committee of the ACTC, was treated and approved unanimously at the meeting held yesterday, at 6.30 pm, at the Institution’s headquarters “.

“The joint objective will be to work from both parties so that, in the 2022 season, Toyota can be inserted as the fifth brand to the Road Tourism calendar “, he concluded.


Toyota will enter TC in 2022 with Camry competing in Top Race

The Japanese brand, with Gazoo Racing, already intervenes with official teams in the Super TC 2000, TC Pick Up, National Tourism and the aforementioned Top Race. Its maximum figure is the Brazilian Rubens Barrichello, ex-F1 driver, who already got on a TC Torino earlier this year for a test. The team also has Matías Rossi, who left the TC in 2019.

Barrichello and Rossi could then be the first Toyota drivers in the most convincing category of national motorsport, although the possibility of Andrés Jakos, one of the youngest flyers of Road Tourism, or of the talent of Pinar del Rio Jorge Barrio, current leader of TC2000 and Formula Renault.

“I see it as something more than positive, I have never seen such a big change and it is so good. My whole litter has never seen a Ford or a Chevy on the street, we do with Mustangs, Camaro or Camry, they are the cars we like, and what more beautiful than to see them in the best category in Argentina “, he said precisely Jakos in dialogue with the Campeones program.

In social networks, and while the “fierreros” were divided between joy and -the most traditionalists- anger, some pilots had quick reactions: “Hi Camry, come on and we are going to show you how many pairs are three boots”, wrote Martín Ponte from Entre Ríos.


“I’m a Ford fan, a Ford driver and I’m never going to leave the mark on the TC, but what? great that the ACTC adds a brand like Toyota. A news! “Uruguayan Mauricio Lambiris joined.

And to the objection of a follower, he replied: “It seems to me that we should not stay. I think it is a step forward. It will not change the essence. The Ford, the Chevy, the Dodge and the Torino will continue to be what they are and the same rivalry will continue to exist throughout life. “

The first TC race, made official in 2009 in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest motorsport category on the planet, It was on August 5, 1937, the triumph of Ángel Lo Valvo. That year the champion was Eduardo Pedrazzini.


The rider with the most titles in history is the legendary Juan Gálvez, with nine; and among those who are active is Guillermo Ortelli, Chevrolet emblem, with seven (the last in 2016).

In the mid-1970s, the presence of their four iconic brands: Chevy (Chevrolet), Falcon (Ford, although it also participated with the Fairlane model), Dodge (GTX) and Torino (IKA Renault). From 2022 there will be five.

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