Hiram Ruvalcaba explores family ties in “Parents without children”

Under the seal of the publishing house of the Autonomous University of Nuevo León (UANL), the Jalisco author Hiram Ruvalcaba is promoting his recent book “Parents without children”, winner of the José José National Short Story Award Alvarado 2019, which also had an economic stimulus of 100,000 pesos that was delivered last year. The author recalls in an interview that there was no event as such for such recognition due to the pandemic it is going through.

“I am very excited to have inaugurated the award, because I believe that an award for narrative in the North of Mexico is going to give a lot to talk about in the future, Northerners are very good storytellers, they have been writing very well for at least 40 years. So, joining them in some way, at least by publishing a book, is definitely a source of pride, but also a responsibility to maintain a certain level ”.

Entering into the subject of his book “Parents without children”, Hiram questions the concepts of fatherhood in Mexico, through various stories that lead the characters to extreme situations. Each of the pieces that make up the book, explore a different plane of parenthood to form a tragic universe in which “thanks to the magic of literary language, readers will end up hopelessly recognizing some aspect of their own parent-child relationships” , is underlined in the synopsis of the work.

“I started talking about the topic of fatherhood around 2016, when my second book of stories came out, even before the ‘Nameless Nights’ which was the third. I wrote a story in this collection (‘Parents without children’) called ‘The Word of God’, a story about a family revenge where a man is killed his son and goes with his nephew to find out who killed him and where is the body, and since then I was already concerned about the issue of family relationships ”.

He expresses that he has always thought that these ties, being a nuclear structure or institution, become power relations, “sometimes they are simple and are carried out easily, but most of the time they are violent, these lawsuits between children and father, or between brothers or couples, are a manifestation of the unpleasant part of establishing a hierarchical system within the family institution ”.

Then, from that moment, he began to draw ideas and possibilities to create this storybook, “all, I think, are a quest to question failed parenthood and also everything that one tries to do to achieve a connection with another human being, especially when that person is our son or our father ”.

Distribute and promote the material

The book is for sale in the bookstore of the University House of the Book, on Amazon and other platforms, also if any reader is interested in a copy with Hiram’s signature, they can locate it on their social networks and he will send them the product.

On August 26, Hiram will have a virtual presentation of his book at the Centro Cultural del México Contemporáneo at 6:00 p.m. via Facebook Live.

Finally remember that In 2021, a book of chronicles called “Los Niños del Agua” will be published, with which he won the Ricardo Prize. Garibay, will be published by Tierra Adentro. He will also launch a book of essays on female monsters in Japanese and Russian literature that he wrote in conjunction with Dr. Alfredo Hermosillo from the Tonalá University Center of the University of Guadalajara.

About the Author

Hiram Ruvalcaba, in addition to being a writer, has also stood out as an academic, with studies on Asia and Africa by Colmex. Among the awards he has obtained are the Mariano Azuela National Narrative Award in 2016, the 2018 Cómala National Young Short Story Award and now the José Alvarado National Short Story Award. He has also been a FONCA fellow.


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