Higher-level students in La Laguna de Durango return to face-to-face classes

On a voluntary basis and under the guidelines of each educational institution, it was how the upper-level students returned to classes in person, reported Israel Castro Muñoz, president of the Cieslag, who also denied that the anti-COVID vaccination certificate is required for young people. .

“On the part of the state authority, it is determined that each institution in Durango, presented before the Undersecretariat of Higher Education with Tomás Palomino, a series of measures to ensure a safe return of our students and teachers, that is why some institutions in In the case of UTL, polytechnic, of the Tecnológico de Lerdo, we are already weeks ago receiving a percentage of students ”, commented the president of the Community of Higher Education Institutions of La Laguna.

In the case of the Higher Technological Institute of Lerdo, of which he is the director, 25 percent work in person, especially in the internship area.

“On a voluntary basis, the students who wish to do so are already taking their face-to-face classes one day a week or, where appropriate, what we were looking for, what are the practices, the use of laboratories, tools, machinery, so that their engineering is as competent as possible, ”he explained.

Castro Muñoz commented that through Cieslag all the necessary information is being gathered to know how the educational institutions that are part of the Community are working.

“As there are two states and two authorities, in the case of Coahuila we know that they have been back to school for months, I think since May, they have been blended. In the case of Durango it is different, we are collecting a form, to know exactly what they are, which universities, especially what problems we could find with this return because we know that the pandemic continues, we know that even with vaccination in young people it is permeating importantly, because there is still a percentage of laggards ”, he commented.

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