High school boys will have three deadlines to pass, according to the new resolution of the DGE

It’s about the resolution 4093/2021 in which the DGE exceptionally establishes a qualification, accreditation and promotion regime for high school students, taking into account that we have come from two years of pandemic.

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The DGE resolved that students must accredit the level of performance by priority learning planned and developed for each of the curricular spaces. Those who accredit all the promotional curricular spaces of the 2020 and 2021 school year will advance to the following year.

Who don’t have obtained the final accreditation in one or more curricular spaces of the last two cycles, continue their school career in a process of strengthening it, being able to obtain it when it is achieved in said period.

A) Yes, Those who do not approve the contents by November 30, will be able to achieve the accreditation and corresponding promotion to 2022 in three stages of accompaniment:

  • The first will be from December 1 to 17, that is, until the end of classes.
  • The second, during February 2022 .
  • Exceptionally, for fifth year high school or sixth year students in the case of technical schools, the term may be extended Until March 31st.

If up to this date the student has not been able to accredit the objectives, he will “remain” as a regular in the same year. completed in the 2021 school year, that is, it will repeat the year.

Changes to choose flag bearers

Through resolution 3972, the DGE made changes in the regulations to elect standard bearers of the Secondary Level 2021. In it, it details that they will not be able to be it those who have repeated some course of the secondary one.

Neither may students who are in a “conditional” situation, either due to absences or loss of school coexistence points. “Neither will those who have curricular spaces pending approval or equivalences in a similar situation be eligible for the designation,” says the Annex 1 of the regulations.

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