Hertha BSC Berlin in crisis: separation without crack

MWerner Gegenbauer has experience in press conferences on important occasions. As President of Hertha BSC, he always speaks up once or twice a year when there is something positive to announce or when things get out of hand. This happened with the announcement of the entry of the investor Lars Windhorst or with the hasty escape of the trainer Jürgen Klinsmann.

On Wednesday Gegenbauer was back on the podium and had to announce the departure of a man whom he and other members of the Presidium had hired less than a year ago. Managing Director Carsten Schmidt leaves Hertha BSC after a good ten months because of “a private health challenge in close family circles”, as he said. He did not want to be more specific in this context. Schmidt vigorously contradicted rumors that disagreements between him and individual committees were one of the reasons for this step. “At no point did I feel any resistance to any initiatives that I had initiated. Zero point zero. There is no crack, there was no crack, and there will be no crack. It’s just that in my case it’s a private situation that I can’t manage on the side, ”said Schmidt. The fact that there were no internal disagreements is consistent with information from the FAZ. “We were looking for solutions that we simply couldn’t find, and so we decided with a heavy heart to end our cooperation,” said President Gegenbauer.

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