Hernán Crespo stopped being the DT of San Pablo

In addition to the former scorer of the Argentine National Team also terminate their link with San Pablo, their collaborators: Juan Branda (assistant coach), Alejandro Kohan and Gustavo Sato (physical trainers), Gustavo Nepote (goalkeeping coach) and Tobías Kohan (performance analyst).


Hernán Crespo was champion in San Pablo but could not maintain good results

The club added statistics of the cycle that the former Defense and Justice coach fulfilled in the entity: “For eight months, Crespo led the team in win the Paulista Championship and worked on 53 games, with 24 wins, 19 draws and 10 losses, adding 57.23% of the points. The team was also commanded in four other games by assistant Juan Branda, when the Argentine was recovering from Covid-19 “.

Finally, the Saint Paul expressed his gratitude for “the work and dedication shown throughout the period in which they defended our colors, and for win the state title, a triumph not achieved since 2005 “.

Finally, the club confirms that will open a search process in the market to designate the new coach.

Hernán Crespo, 46, started as a coach in Parma, directing Primavera (reserve) in 2014 and 2015, then went on to Modena (2015 and 16) to give way to Argentine soccer where he worked in Banfield (2018 and 19) and Defense and Justice (2019 and 20). In this last club won the South American Cup.

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