Héctor Parra’s lawyer dismisses statement sent by Ginny Hoffman’s defense

Mexico City.- The lawyer of Hector Parra dismissed a statement sent by the defense of Ginny Hoffman in which the accusations against him for alleged family violence are dismissed.

The actress’s lawyer issued a statement stating that the Attorney General of the CDMX (Fgjcdmx), announced that they did not find enough evidence to start criminal proceedings against him.

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According to the message sent by the legal defense of the actress, the Public Ministry in charge of the case, in accordance with the law, carried out all the corresponding investigations without violating the human rights of anyone, with the objectivity and professionalism that this situation deserves.

Ginny’s complaint against Hector

This in reference to the complaint that Héctor had filed after Ginny spoke to the press about the alleged abuses that the actor committed against his youngest daughter without going to declare the fact before the relevant authorities.

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On the other hand, the legal defense of Hector Parra communicated with the Ventaneando program to ensure that they had no notification from the authorities regarding said resolution.

“Well, I found out a few minutes ago through social networks, because the Prosecutor’s Office until now has not notified us as Héctor’s legal advisers, nor Héctor in prison, so again we are surprised that it is known before of the official channels that determination, I cannot take it for certain, “said the lawyer José Luis Guerrero.

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Lawyer will take action

In the same way, the lawyer made clear the measures he will take if his counterpart’s statement is true. “If we were notified today or in the following days, we have the right to disagree, and we will be doing so, this investigation folder that was allegedly resolved, is the one that was presented by Héctor to point out the family violence of the Mrs. Hoffman, does not have greater weight in the investigation folder that Héctor currently has to regain his freedom.

Finally, Jose Luis Guerrero He recalled the reasons why Héctor filed the lawsuit in question and stressed that this action has nothing to do with the process that keeps the artist in prison.

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“That complaint dates from the month of October 2020, it has to do with the demonstrations that Mrs. Hoffman made through various media, first without having exposed the facts at the table of the Public Ministry, but in various media about the alleged abuse that until today has not been proven against Héctor, ”he stressed.

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