Hebe de Bonafini: “If the president does not change the people who are next to him, it will not work”

After the result in the PASO this Sunday, The head of Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, Hebe de Bonafini, came out to highlight the mistakes made by the national government and the ruling party, and pointed against President Alberto Fernández, warning that if he does not change some pieces of his cabinet, it will be impossible to recover to the lost electorate.

“If the president does not change a lot of people who are next to him, who make the newspaper like Yirigoyen, a special newspaper for him, it will not be able to work,” said De Bonafini in radio statements.

“The president always listens to those who do not have to listen: the rich, the powerful, the butchers, he hangs out with the fat men of the CGT. And well, these are the consequences. It seems to me that within all the seriousness it is, it is good for those who do nothing or thought we had the cow lying down, do something ”, he completed.

Along these lines, the leader remarked that “the president again promised,” and added: “I do not know if we are to believe him or not because he says many things that later he does not comply. What we told him so many times, that he listens to who has to listen, he realized now that he has to listen to those that we told him from the first day we saw him “.

“What I see is that this is like an earthquake that does not break houses or people die, but it gives you a barbaric scare (…) It seems to me that if we had won, we would all be losing, although it seems silly . When you win, there is a kind of success in people that doesn’t make them worry about what they have to worry about ”, he reflected.

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