Heats up Elden Ring: Souls-like games on sale on PC

There are 14 super recommended titles for fans of the genre

Let’s enjoy the promotions da Black Friday to take a look at the jogos souls-like and get ready for the most anticipated game. Elden Ring arrives on February 25th and you can train for those who are already familiar with the genre, or even start having this experience for the first time. All games on this list (to PC) were played by this editor who writes and recommends you a lot. The titles are not presented in any order of difficulty or importance, none of them are easy and they are all relevant.

Ashen – R$ 30,19

Released in 2019, Ashen is, graphically speaking, the most different of the titles on this list. It looks like a painting, without many details, particularly I found it very interesting. The game allows coop throughout the adventure. I played with the NPC myself, it helps, disappears from time to time (who understands NPCs?), but it helps. Some parts, even, need the help of the partner. It has a medium difficulty, a pretty cool pace of combat, open world (nothing giant), but it needs certain skills to advance.

Code Vein – R$ 37,49

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It’s perhaps the most conversational souls-like, very typical of anime-type games. Despite being an action RPG, battles happen at a slightly faster pace. It also offers coop (again I played with NPC) and understand this mechanic as the easy mode. If you’re a veteran of the genre and haven’t played Code Vein yet, play it solo. The game offers an interesting variety of weapons and armor and very beautiful environments.

Nioh – R $ 23.49 / Nioh 2 – R $ 174.65

Here we enter a field of discussion in the community whether the franchise is considered a souls-like or not, which is beside the point now. It’s an action RPG, with paced fights, but it has a samurai/ninja theme, so it’s common for everything to happen faster. This doesn’t make gambling any easier. Nioh is among the most difficult. It offers a huge variety of equipment with many different attributes. In this regard, the Nioh franchise is the most complete.

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The Surge – R$ 17,78 / The Surge 2 – R$ 36,26

I confess that I was quite angry with this franchise, especially the first title. This is very personal, but I think it took me a while to get the game plan. Anyway. The franchise features heavier combat, although some gear makes your moves faster. It has an ambiance that maybe gets sick with time, as it’s a lot of factory-like installations and it’s iron all over for a long time, but it’s definitely worth a look.

Remnant from the Ashes – R$ 30,19

The easiest compared to the others and that’s because many battles are done at a distance. This is the famous “Dark Souls with Firearms”. Allows coop and this one I ended up playing with friends and it’s a lot of fun. The environments are randomly generated, so there’s always a little surprise. Remnant from the Ashes offers a variety of interesting firearms, but lacks in the amount of armor sets. It is possible to use melee weapons, although that is not the focus.

Mortal Shell – R$ 37,04

I venture to say that Mortal Shell is one of the most original games on the list because of its mechanics. The “hardening” ensures a dynamic that no other soul-like offers. In addition, the game features four distinct classes in the form of carcasses and it is possible to switch between them at any time. Each has its own weapon, attributes and history. The matches are pretty heavy, something like the first Dark Souls, and it’s not easy.

Ax – R $ 129.33

GOTY 2019 is my favorite. It’s the first time a FromSoftware game has a well-developed character with personality. The combats are super minute, it requires a lot of attention. The first game is a torment, which will lessen over time, like any game on this list basically. Sekiro has beautiful settings and I particularly find the setting of feudal Japan something to behold. I can’t wait for a sequel.

Dark Souls Remastered – R$ 64,95 / Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin – R$ 39,99 / Dark Souls 3 – 79,95

If you started with any of these other games, or haven’t played any, all three titles are essential. The third game is the only one that still sells separate DLCs. Dark Souls 3 Deluxe Edition brings the two expansions costing R$ 119.95.

There are still a lot of excellent 2D soul-likes, but since we’re talking about an Elden Ring heats up, I focused on 3D games. All links are from Steam and promotions run until December 1st. Dark Souls Remastered is considerably cheaper on the Nuuvem see you tomorrow. The list may seem cliché to genre enthusiasts, but these are among the best. Bonus referrals: Darksiders 3 (R$ 47,49) e Lords of the Fallen (R$ 8,39).


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