Heat wave: thus a journalist collapsed live while making a mobile phone at the Teatro Colón

In the midst of the heat wave that hits Argentina, the journalist Carlos Ferrara made a mobile for Channel 9 when, from one moment to another, passed out while he was live.

“Sorry Claudio … sorry Claudio”, is the last thing that was heard from the chronicler’s mouth before collapsing in the middle of the transmission in the surroundings of the Colón Theater, in the City of Buenos Aires.

His companions on the floor did not understand the situation, since the camera showed the sidewalk, but after a loud noise was heard, the camera showed Carlos face down on the floor, a victim of high temperatures and a blackout. Right away, the newscaster, Claudio perez, asked for a cut and they went off the air.


The notary was assisted by SAME personnel who were at the scene. “We want to bring reassurance about the health of our colleague, the journalist Carlos Ferrara, who suffered a decompensation in the air and was assisted by SAME”, they clarified from the channel through a statement released on social networks.

Heat wave: the care to take into account

Prolonged exposure to the sun or exercising in hot and poorly ventilated environments can cause heat stroke, that is, an increase in body temperature, which is harmful to health.

The main advice from specialists to deal with the oppressive heat is to stay hydrated, drink large amounts of water and avoid sun exposure.

In the case of babies, young children, people over 65 years of age and patients with chronic diseases, extreme precautions must be taken.

A good way to ensure that you get that amount of water is to drink 8 glasses. It is also advisable to avoid the consumption of hot infusions, alcoholic beverages and those with a lot of sugar.

Another recommendation is to eat lightly, preferably fruits and vegetables. It is also recommended to reduce the demand for customary physical activity – early in the morning or after sunset – and to wear light, loose-fitting, light-colored clothing. If possible, wear a hat and dark glasses.

The Ministry of Health of the Nation suggests that both children and older adults avoid exposing themselves to the sun, especially between 10 and 16.

In relation to children under 6 months, it is advisable for the mother to offer the breast more frequently than usual. For children older than 6 years, the advice is to offer drinks constantly, even if they do not ask for it, in order to avoid dehydration.

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