Heat and Courage in the night by Abel Pintos

A very hot night in Jesús María and the warmest point came with the presentation of Abel Pintos. The singer from Bahia was one of the main reasons why the festival organization counted more than 9337 tickets sold.

Wednesday’s grid began at 7pm with Marcos Basilico and Indigo, who inaugurated the Martin Fierro stage with pure folklore. Los Fulanos, from San Luis, contributed their quota of chacareras and zambas.

The rider field took center stage with the first rides of the night, which featured rides in all categories of the championship. The field was visited by Catherine Vergnes, Uruguayan artist who offered his song in the box Félix Gigena Luque along with the poetry of the payador and rapporteur of the jineteada.

Heat and Courage in the night by Abel Pintos

Jesica Benavidez and Llokallas they brought a party while the herds engaged in continued to bring excitement to the seventh night.

The most anticipated moment came averaging the night with Abel Pintos who once again captivated the public with his voice, his charisma and his handling of the stage. “I wait for you here” was the opening song and was followed by his great classics while Abel chatted with an audience that accompanied him with choirs.

Heat and Courage in the night by Abel Pintos

A magical Wednesday night in which everyone’s expectations in Jesús María were more than fulfilled.

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