‘Healthy Water is not going to be left half,’ says Durango governor, El Siglo de Torreón

The governor of Durango, José Rosas Aispuro Torres, assured that the work of the Healthy Water for La Laguna (ASL) project will not remain half-done and stressed that the 2.3 billion pesos to advance with the corresponding actions in 2022 are insurance.

“The work is not going to be half, it is a work that has to do with national security. On the issue of amparos and although this decree could be without effect, people are being discussed with the people about all the concerns, “said the governor.

He highlighted the work of the senator and person in charge of ASL, thus designated by President López Obrador, Gabriel Garcia Hernandez.

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“We’re doing really well. I acknowledge Senator Gabriel García Hernández for all the willingness he has had to join this project. and that is giving us more confidence, more peace of mind and that is how the producers, the ejidatarios, have expressed it to me, “he said.

He commented that after the meetings held, will again have to participate in this weekend.

“This matter is very advanced. I believe that things are going well and we have to continue making efforts, but I think that the dialogue you have with them is a completely open, transparent, frank dialogue, which has generated greater confidence from the community producers themselves towards this project, “he said.

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He stressed that the ASL project is to talk about health, since not only quantity is required, but also the quality of the water that the lagoons consume.

Regarding the appeal of the 2,300 million pesos mentioned by the senator, the governor declared: “Those 2,300 million pesos are already safe and the President of the Republic himself said that if there was a need to put more money into it, he would be he is going to put in more money, “he said.

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