Healthy habits to lose fat and show off an abdomen like Vanessa Guzmán’s

Sometimes we want to lose weight and we think we can achieve it only by eating vegetables, however, it has been shown that there are several healthy habits that help you eliminate body fat and show off an abdomen like Vanessa Guzmán’s.

Habits are achieved with perseverance, so don’t lose heart and focus on all the aspects of the day that lead you to feel less inflamed, which many times is the cause of not closing your pants.

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Wear clothes in your size

When we wear tight clothing, the body retains fluids and causes it to swell, the pants are tubed or even the underwear That tightens can be the cause of you feeling inflamed, so do not be afraid to recognize the size you are, because even your body will look thinner.

Drink enough fluids

If you have to set an alarm to notify you when you should drink waterThen do it, sometimes we do not drink liquids simply because we forget, but if you notice that your lips are dry or your skin dries then it means that you need to drink more water.

Drinking liquids does not only mean drinking water, it can be with some soup, a tea, even various fruits help you hydrate the body so that you metabolism works perfectly and in this way you eliminate fat and feel lighter.

Healthy habits to lose fat and show off an abdomen like Vanessa Guzmán’s. Photo: Pexels / Instagram

Avoid skipping meals

That work stress, children, partner, cleaning the house and everything you feel the responsibility of doing make us feel that we do not have time or to eat, and it may happen that you skip the breakfast, or eat late, this is one of the worst habits you can have.

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If you want to have a toned body in the style of Vanessa Guzmán, then you can start by eating at your own time and including all the food groups in the day, likewise pay attention to the snacks, try to make a list of the options so that you do not fall into industrialized products.

Get moving

Sometimes we believe that everything is lost and that our body has no return, however, you can wear a figure that you like a lot if you just put yourself in movementPerhaps the housework allows you to go up and down stairs, squats when hanging clothes or something similar.

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Even playing with children becomes an extreme sport, although it is also very flattering exercise with children, because you are also forming a healthy habit for them and they will surely be the first to remind you that it is time for their daily routine.

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