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Prevention and treatment

Lung cancer myths

  • Lung cancer only affects the lungs. FAKE: Advanced lung cancer affects the liver, adrenal glands, bones, brain and is highly metastatic.”.
  • Lung cancer patients have a cough. FAKE: Not everyone has a cough. It is the first symptom that appears, but not everyone has a cough, because to have that symptom you would have to have a large mass that compresses the bronchi. And lung cancers start with nodules of a centimeter or two that do not cause symptoms.a”.
  • You cannot live without both lungs. FAKE: You can live with one lung, but that depends on the patient’s respiratory capacity. Myomectomy is not something that is often offered, what we recommend is to lose a third or a half maximum lung, because if the patient suffered any complication in the healthy lung, it would be a disgrace.”.

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