Week of the Premature | When solidarity wins: in Posadas there is a residence for mothers and pregnant women that promotes the donation of hospital clothes for premature babies

Marisol González, head of the mothers’ residence service, explained that this place has a capacity for 28 women. They receive those who come from other towns in Misiones and who have their children admitted to the Hospital, as well as pregnant women who need to have daily check-ups and, therefore, be in the city for several days.

In the residence “we accompany them to continue monitoring their puerperium,” he said. This implies comprehensive care for women, for which they perform dental check-ups, hypertension, diabetes and many more.

residence for mothers of premature babies

The women’s request to access this place goes through the Neonatology control and, in some cases, Social Services, which are in charge of referring the mothers. They can stay in the residence until the baby is discharged: some stay for months, others just a few hours.

To carry out this space for the containment and care of mothers, they work with volunteers from the Dar a Luz association.

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Clothes for premature newborns

The hospital clothing production sector makes fabric and upholstery garments, made to measure and based on the needs of patients.

To find out what they need, the area is in constant communication with the Neonatology sector. Some of the items they provide are special pillows for premature babies with hydrocephalus, blankets, babies for breastfeeding, etc.

hospital clothing for premature babies

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