Supersanitos Campaign | Successful completion of the comprehensive health operation of the London Supply Foundation

The program, within the framework of the latest edition of “Supersanitos”, was carried out for three days, from August 8 at the Educational Park’s Maternal and Child establishment, located in the 1° de Mayo neighborhood of the city of Puerto Iguazu.

The opening ceremony was attended by the province’s Minister of Health, Oscar Alarcón, the president of the General Council of Education, Juan Alberto Galarza, the director of the SAMIC Hospital Raquel Matkoski, and María Taratuty as director of the London Supply Foundation.

Regarding the continuity of the project, Taratuty remarked that “the three days of check-ups are just the tip of the iceberg”, and emphasized that the work does not stop with the end of the days. “There is still the processing of the results obtained – a task that has been made easier with the incorporation of a new software for loading medical records – but also for the follow-up of serious cases and their respective referrals to local, provincial, and regional professionals. continuous coordination with the health system, according to the requirements of each case”.

On the other hand, he commented that the doctors found that the community of the maternal and child care center is very well and well cared for, contrary to the scenario they expected after two years of absence from the program due to the pandemic. Few cases of children with serious diagnoses were observed.

Pediatricians and specialists from Buenos Aires and the entire province of Misiones treated children from Iguazú in this latest edition of Supersanitos.

Supersanitos Days: “A needy and grateful population is the engine to continue working”

The pediatrician and coordinator of the Supersanitos campaign, José Alfíe, highlighted the work of health professionals and said that there are several specialists who are working together. Speech therapists, ophthalmologists from Posadas and Buenos Aires and, he pointed out, “the control is complete, not only of weight and height, but also the immunological situation.” In addition to the importance of detecting issues that exceed the physical.

“The audiological and ophthalmological screening is really a luxury for this population”, he indicated about the importance of the study, which allows an early diagnosis and detect hearing and vision problems that can mean a deficit for the patient.

On the other hand, he emphasized the importance of good nutrition and oral health care. He stressed that not only the physical is important, but the entire issue that exceeds the physical part, referring to other areas of importance such as emotional health.

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On the other hand, andhe renowned pediatrician from the Ricardo Gutiérrez Children’s Hospital, Guillermo Goldfarb, participated in this new edition of Supersanitos in the city of Iguazú. His area of ​​greatest interest is the longitudinal monitoring of children in their family and social environment.

Online Missions spoke with the professional about the different services provided by the medical team called for the Supersanitos campaign: “Basically, at the medical level, what we do is a global control of the health of the entire population that attends the Educational Park. We carry out a complete pediatric control, united pediatricians from Buenos Aires together with those from the local public system in the different specialties. Pediatrics, anthropometry, ophthalmology and we take care of articulating the follow-up”.

“The pandemic impacted pediatrics as well as everyone in general, as well as older children in the social, emotional, psychological area. Also in the nutritional part, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, “said Goldfarb.

He also stressed that oral health and nutritional education are pending to continue working with parents. Since the campaign aims to offer comprehensive health monitoring.

super sanitos campaign super sanitos campaign

“Social responsibility and solidarity is what encompasses all our actions,” said María Taratuty, director of the London Supply Foundation

“What this new edition of supersanitos It is contact with people. We find ourselves lifting babies, consoling mothers because the boys cry at the vaccination. To hug each other again, to touch each other, to be close, “said Taratuty.

In dialogue with Online Missions The director of the London Supply Foundation said: “I can’t explain what it means for us to be here after having lost track of the boys throughout the pandemic. We are very happy providing a medical solution to the pathologies that professionals are encountering”.

In addition, he spoke of the task he has been carrying out since 2008 together with the institution he presides over with important actions focused on health and education.

Joint Actions: Foundation and Action

“This is a clear example of how when a neighborhood is institutionalized, the neighborhood moves forward.” A teacher in a satellite classroom operating in the Iguazú open-air dump requested a water pump for her satellite classroom, and the London Supply Foundation was born.

The request came to the hands of the directors of the Duty Free Shopp, a company that is managed by the family firm London Supply founded 80 years ago by María Taratuty’s grandfather. “Within the company there have always been actions of solidarity, even with the employees themselves,” said Taratuty.

“In 2008 we decided to start articulating and channeling all armed actions informally and that is how the Foundation was born. Two years later, the Mercedes García de Taratuty primary school was inaugurated in the 1° de Mayo neighborhood, with “Luli”, the teacher who had requested the water pump, as director of the establishment, and in which we deposited all our love». narrated.

With a high-end building infrastructure, the Educational Park is made up of three independent schools that were donated to the State, are public and free. They are divided into primary and secondary, with a high school oriented towards tourism, and they are attended by more than 500 students.

“Later we realized that we were missing the Maternal Garden, so that the boys arrive with a cognitive capacity -product of good nutrition-, to primary school, with another level. We provide breakfast, lunch and snacks. In addition to the “doña Mercedes orchestra”, the establishment has an agreement with the Inter de Milan where they learn values ​​with football. The high school boys also have canteen administration, the youth club, and the elementary school has its garden commission,” said María.

“We stay sponsoring this establishment because we understand that we are allies of the State and we have to help them responsibly. We all have to do our part so that our Argentina gets ahead. We have presence in 11 cities of the Republic where we focus on education and health. The activity of the Foundation is enormous. We are three initial founders but I am assisted by a group of more than 100 people », he added.

He concluded: «In Iguazú the volunteers are boys who work in the Duty, they were called the Red Angels and on free days they are in charge of carrying out collaborative actions for the Foundation. Our motto is: put more where there is less”.

super sanitos campaign
The fourth comprehensive health campaign of the London Supply Foundation was successfully completed.

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