More than a million and a half Sinopharm vaccines arrive in the country today

A new shipment with more than 1.5 million vaccines against the Sinopharm coronavirus will arrive this afternoon in Argentina, which will be added to the Vaccination Plan carried out by the national government to protect the population in the framework of the coronavirus pandemic .

A total of 1,536,000 doses will arrive this Saturday at 6:45 p.m. at Ezeiza International Airport from Frankfurt, Germany, on Lufthansa’s flight LH8264, it was officially reported.

Meanwhile, another shipment, consisting of 1,336,000 doses, will arrive on Monday, at 7, on flight LH540, from the same airline.

Both shipments will add a total of 2,872,000 doses of the Sinopharm vaccine and will aim to “intensify” the immunization that is being deployed throughout the country, the national government reported.

In this way, with the arrival of those two planes, Argentina will have exceeded the 63 million vaccines received since the start of the vaccination plan.

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