Hundreds of people participate in SFM in the “Health Route”; MISPAS calls for changing eating habits


Hundreds of people participate in SFM in the “Health Route”; MISPAS calls for changing eating habits

San Francisco de Macoris. – Leading here the tenth version of the “Health Route: Change your Lifestyle”, the Minister of Health, Dr. Daniel Rivera, considered it necessary to change the indicators of chronic non-communicable diseases, which in this demarcation present very high levels , with 45.8% in hypertension, 69.3% in obesity and 12.9% in diabetes.

The official described these numbers as alarming, for which he invited the population to modify their eating habits to prevent complications.

“Chronic diseases are preventable, but it is necessary to change lifestyles, eat healthy, exercise and avoid the consumption of alcohol, tobacco and foods with a high amount of salt and sugar,” he said.

In another order, the head of Health stated that, despite the crisis situation that has deepened in other countries, the Dominican Republic continues to advance in terms of health, thanks to the actions carried out by the Government through the Cabinet and the Ministry of Health.

“After finding most of the hospitals closed, the National Health Service (SNS), has had a general transformation in the reconstruction and high-level equipment, in order to offer the best health services to the Dominican people,” Rivera stressed. .

He assured that by order of President Luís Abinader, the Duarte province will have one of the best health centers, such as the “Ciudad Sanitaria” that will be built soon.

He stated that both COVID-19 and monkeypox are controlled in the country, in addition to the fact that “today we have more than 10,000 tests to detect it and we have the medical teams to treat this disease, but what we want is for it not to be It is necessary to use them, so I call on the population to take care of themselves so that later on they can enjoy optimal health conditions.”

At the meeting, the provincial director of Health, Dr. Luis Rosario, said that “this province is at its best, thanks to the work that this new management has done in economic terms and health,” which is the most important thing.

While the senator for the province, Franklin Romero, added that President Luis Abinader made a very “assertive decision in appointing Dr. Rivera as Minister of Health because the results in the sector are being seen authentically throughout the country.”

On her side, Ana Xiomara Cortés, governor of the province, welcomed the action of carrying out the “Health Route” in the community, as well as the concern and effort of the President and the central government in bringing health to the entire country.

On the Health Route

For two days, in the Health Route, more than 30 specialized services will be available, including: cardiology, dentistry, geriatrics, nutrition, gynecology, internal medicine, dermatology, pediatrics. Services such as cardiometabolic and prostate evaluation, mammography, as well as blood donation and typing are also performed.

In addition, walks, healthy cooking workshops, children’s activities, raffles for appliances for the elderly, talks and delivery of baskets to pregnant women, opening of health services by the National Health Service (SNS) and interaction with older adults.

This activity is coordinated by Dr. Gina Estrella, director of Risk Management, and municipal authorities, with the support of the Regional Directorate of Agriculture, Inespre, the Ministry of Sports and Recreation, the Fire Department, Civil Defense and the Red Cross. Dominican Republic, National Police, Program for Essential Medicines and Logistical Support Center (PROMESE-CAL), National Health Service (SNS), National Health Insurance (SeNaSa), Santo Domingo Aqueduct and Sewerage Corporation (CAASD) and Ministry of Agriculture.

It was attended by Dr. Mario Lama, director of the National Health Service (SNS), chef Yerelyn Guzmán, representing the United Nations for Food and Agriculture (FAO), and the parish priest Ramón Aridio Vicioso; Roberto Marte, director of the Northeast Regional University Center (CURNE), among other personalities.

On behalf of MISPAS, the Vice Minister Eladio Pérez, of Collective Health; Fernando Ureña of the Decentralized Management Coordination Office of the Rectory; Mr. Miguel Rodríguez Viñas, from Strengthening and Development, and Dr. Robinson Santos, director of the Health Cabinet.

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