A new comprehensive health operation “Si Misiones” was carried out in Andresito for families of tareferos

The Misiones Comprehensive Health Health Plan “SIMISIONES” acts transversally to existing programs in the field of health. It is proposed as an interdisciplinary work strategy, with specific interventions in processes and circuits, to achieve compliance with the proposed objectives for health care in each life cycle, carrying out activities that promote, motivate and strengthen healthy habits.

They consist of weekly operations and have Maternal Neonatal, Dental, Mobile PAP and Mobile Mammography mobiles. In addition to medical care (clinical, pediatric, gynecological) dental, ultrasound, vaccination, nutrition, among others.

During the visit to the Cabureí, Integración and Itatí CAPS, the building improvements that are being carried out were supervised, in addition to the equipment that each of them requires for care. The possibility of installing a modular CAPS in Colonia Itatí is being analyzed.

At the Hospital, they talked with health personnel about care, equipment, and building improvements.

At the Farmer’s Festival site, the mobile clinics of the SIMisiones Plan provide pediatric care, gynecology, clinics, dentistry, ultrasound, COVID vaccination and regular calendar, among others.

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