Health workers nucleated in Siprus will carry out a provincial strike this Thursday, October 14

he health unions in the province of Santa Fe, Amra and Siprus, rejected the salary proposal presented by the provincial government. In this context, Amra asked to be summoned urgently to the negotiations, otherwise he will call for a cessation of activities. Siprus, for its part, confirmed a strike for Thursday, October 14.

In addition, at 11:30 a solidarity hug will be held at the Hospital de Niños Zona Norte de Rosario within the framework of a provincial strike.

They denounce “We have been treating the pandemic for two years, we are exhausted and we are in a rich province with $ 70 billion saved. In 2020 our salaries grew below inflation and that explains a part of the fiscal surplus that the province has and with which it could calmly make a qualitative leap in the recognition of the health sector “

On the other hand, they point out that the guard of the effector where the activity is carried out, was inaugurated but they assure that it has not yet been put into operation “they inaugurated the guard in front of the media but it still does not work. In addition, almost all the professionals who work in the emergency service make it precarious and many times they do not cover the necessary personnel to meet the demand “

“We are physically and emotionally exhausted, and they keep relegating us. It is time to assert our work and the government has to address what we have been demanding for years. If not now when?”

“Commissioning of the New Guard of the HNZN, salary recomposition and professional recognition; passes to plant; payment of debts and extras; Decent working conditions ”are some of the points demanded by the sector.

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