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He was first nomadic and then sedentary. He learned that living near a stream gave him better life options. With observation, surely, he discovered the seeds and began to sow. He taught his children to hunt and gradually dominated his environment.

Thinking gave him the opportunity to organize ideas and create objects and shapes to improve his life. Even to kill the other, which has never been right.

It was conquering territories and putting the world on a scale of values ​​and in an organizational and perverse pyramid, in many cases.

It has survived wars and pandemics, the fear of dying from a nuclear disaster.

For almost two years, that great human mass of the planet was forced to change their lives and began to have a great fear of a disease that came from the East and put us all in the face of uncertainty.

Today, many of us who have been vaccinated are still afraid because its new variant, omicron, apparently not so lethal, is highly contagious. With reopening amid the pandemic, it now threatens to shut down businesses.

And that, not to mention the deaths, all painful.

But even so, Carlos Bernal Quintero, business administrator and adviser to the Belgian Gunter Pauli, entrepreneur and author of the book The Blue Economy, asks for optimism.

And he will talk about this on January 16 on the Café Literario blog at (

“The greatest strength of human beings is their ability to adapt and this has allowed us to live for so many years inhabiting the planet. We must accompany this ability to adapt with a look of optimism and happiness for the things that happen to us”, writes the also university consultant born in Samaná, Caldas.

It is not easy for many. This blue planet has been through so much pain that it needs time. But what you should never lose is hope.

Therefore, we must toast to health, which is currently the most precious asset. The economy will come and go, as usual. But being healthy is the greatest value and wealth.

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