He was shot eight times, recovered and now faces an accusation for the murder of Brian Calegari

Prosecutor Georgina Pairola, one of the prosecutors in the case.

A 27-year-old young man who was wounded last September and is suspected of murdering Brian Calegari in April of this year, was charged. The hearing was carried out after the approval of the doctors to subject the young man to an indictment. After the formalization of the fiscal ailment, the acting judge ordered the preventive detention of the young man for the term of the law.

Brian Calegari was 28 years old. On the afternoon of April 20, he was assassinated at the door of his house located in Sanguinetti and Espinillo, the heart of the Fonavi that rises in the west. He was sitting on the curb next to his brother when he was surprised by two people who came to the place by motorbike and hit him twice, one in the chest, near the heart and the other in the armpit. A neighbor loaded the victim on his motorcycle and took him to the hospital. They operated on him but the young man could not overcome the injuries and died an hour later.

They shoot a car at the door of a coach house where they watched a young man killed in a shooting

During the Calegari wake, two people on a motorcycle passed by the garage where the victim was being dismissed, located in Matienzo at 3300, and opened fire on a car parked at the door of the place and fled at full speed. The funeral procession was accompanied by a police operation to the La Piedad cemetery.

After the shooting at the wake, there was a security operation for Brian Calegari’s funeral procession


One of the suspects of committing the crime is Franco G. This 27-year-old was injured on September 13. They took him to HECA on a motorcycle with eight bullet holes. He was in a reserved state and recovered from injuries. In the event, a 35-year-old woman was also injured, who made a story of what happened. He said he was waiting for a remise at the door of his house when he saw a boy running away from another who was following him with a gun in his hand. She had left the door open while she waited and the escaping youth pushed her into the house and the other fired. One of those projectiles hit him in the buttock.

This Tuesday prosecutors Georgina Pairola and Alejandro Ferlazzo indicted Franco G. for the crime of Calegari and for the crime of carrying a firearm. The imputative hearing was presided over by Judge Alejandro Negroni who, after formalizing the prosecutor’s complaint, ordered the preventive detention of Franco G. for the term of the law.

Franco G. has two brothers who were murdered and in addition to the Calegari crime, some police sources also linked him to the crime of the remisera Vanesa Hernández on April 26 when the woman received a call from a friend who had gone to look for her brother that he was leaving the Piñero jail and his car stayed. The woman was towing her friend’s car along Route 14 when a Toyota Hilux appeared, which they shot and killed Vanesa who had come to the rescue. On this occasion, this fact was not imputed to Franco G.

They took him on a motorcycle to Heca with eight shots and gave a false identity because they were looking for him for homicides

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