He was crashed and ended up against a pole

Yesterday, minutes before 6:00 p.m., the staff of the Radio Command received a call giving notice that at the corner of Alberdi and Catamarca streets there had been a strong shock.

While a commission of the 101 went to the place, they gave notice to the troops of the Second Police Station who were also present.

Upon arrival, the police observed that the traffic accident had been carried out by a Ford Ranger truck, which was driven by an adult man, and a Peugeot 207 vehicle, led by a man who was accompanied by his teenage children.

It should be noted that the truck was circulating on Catamarca street and when it reached the corner with Alberdi, it hit the car and it ended its journey against a post on the corner, leaving the front completely destroyed.

The policemen spoke with the drivers and, as a precaution, decided to call a UDEM ambulance to assist the boys who were driving the Peugeot.

A few minutes later the doctor arrived who checked the boys and they decided to preventively transfer them to the Hospital Regional for better assistance.

At the scene, the policemen carried out a visual inspection to establish the causes of the accident.

The truck showed damage to the front. (Photo: JCC)


The Urban Patrol Division of the Policeman recommends that every driver always keep the following tips in mind:

Proper use of public roads, adopting defensive driving, respecting all regulations and signs.

Respect the traffic signals.

Always keep the right side of the artery, driving through the center of the lane.

Slow down on the side street.

Maximum speed on street 40 km / hm – avenue 60 km / h.

Left side overtaking by placing a turn signal.

Put a turning light 30 meters before turning into a turning.

Driving with the lights on is mandatory.

Do not use a cell phone while driving.

Always wear a seat belt.

Always carry the following mandatory documentation: DNI, driver’s license, motor vehicle identification card, motor insurance, last patent payment.

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