He was 17 years old and died training soccer in front of his parents: shock in Brazil

One 17 year old teenager, identified as Isaiah, died after suffering a sudden illness during a soccer training at Complexo Parentão, located in the Lourival Parente neighborhood, south of Teresina, Brazil. The case shocks the entire territory of the South American giant.

According to the club’s directive, the athlete was on his third day of testing and, therefore, Flamengo-Piauí it does not have the player’s history. The young man planned to join the base categories and participate in a tournament in the south of the state.

Isaías was taken by his father for the tests, who was even in Parentão and witnessed the care and death of your child. Apparently, Isaiah had told his companions as they ran that he felt discomfort. So he slowed down and decided to walk to sit on the substitute bench. It was there that he broke down and the local doctors rushed to give him medical attention, but he did not resist.

Flamengo-PI sub17 is commanded by Raimundo Soares, el ‘Mr. Rai’. The team prepares to compete in an amateur competition in February in the city of Anisio de Abreu – Copa Nordeste Amateur.

The club president, Rubens Gomes, said that he had not yet contacted the boy’s family, but that he should do it in the next few hours.

“Mr. Raimundo is the one who shows his face and knows the boys and their family better, but we will know the case better. I am in direct contact with him”, said the president of Flamengo-PI.

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