He tried to escape a police checkpoint with drugs in a backpack but was arrested

Members of the Caminantes Division of the Chaco Police carried out surveillance and crime prevention tasks in the micro and macro center of Resistencia. In that context, Monday night They arrested a young man who tried to escape a control with his motorcycle, but was arrested because he was carrying a backpack with marijuana inside.

At the intersection of Necochea and Jujuy streets, the agents made signals to the young man who was traveling on a motorcycle, who tried to evade the agents, but ended up stopping the march. “He wanted to stop shooting and run, but they didn’t let him,” communicates from the police force.

Faced with this situation and the subject’s “aggressive attitude”, they searched for weapons, and also asked him to display what he was carrying in his backpack. It was there that they discovered why it was altered: they found three packages with a substance that seemed to be marijuana due to the aroma it gave off and its vegetal nature, adds the police report. They requested the presence of the Antinarcotics agents.

Minutes later, when the Dangerous Drugs Division analyzed the substance, they discovered that it was 2,063 kilograms of marijuana, so they seized the drug and the vehicle.

Finally, the 21-year-old delayed man was notified of his arrest for an Alleged Violation of the Narcotics Law at the disposal of the Anti-Drug Prosecutor’s Office No. 1 in charge of Dr. Lovey Pezzano.

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