He took advantage of the fact that the “King of Poker” was in prison and entered to rob his house

A 32-year-old man who records a criminal record was apprehended today by the police in Punta Alta after entering to rob the house of Iván Lucá, who was arrested today during a vehicular operation in which a smaller amount of drugs was seized (it would be for personal consumption) and cash.

The frustrated criminal was identified as Maximiliano Andrés Borraz, who was intercepted by personnel from the Communal Police Station at the address at Calle Bernardo de Irigoyen 880.

In the procedure, a spokesperson for the case reported, a nylon wrap was found with 29.6 grams of cocaine hydrochloride. It was not possible to determine if the drug is the property of Lucá and Borraz intended to take it away when the police appeared after seeing an open window and a motorcycle stopped on the sidewalk, a situation that the officers found suspicious.

It is also unclear whether the offender entered Lucá’s house knowing that its resident had been apprehended.

Borraz – who has a record of crimes against property and a violation of the narcotics law, as indicated – was placed at the disposal of UFIJ 15 and 19 (specialized in drugs), both in Bahía Blanca.

As reported by this media, Lucá was arrested along with Mariel Ivonne Mercado Pérez, 26, during a vehicle operation carried out on Route 229 (km 19).

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