"He told me love, I was stabbed, and I fell to the floor", said the girlfriend of the young man attacked on the hill

On Tuesday night the victim was with her partner in the Cerro San Bernardo when they were approached by three subjects who robbed them and before they left they wounded the young man with a knife. After knowing the fact the bride of the boy speak totally broken and cried out for more security.

“He told me love, I was stabbed and fell to the floor. I started yelling at my boyfriend, they stabbed him, they yelled at me from downstairs that the police were coming. They had already heard the screams that I asked them not to do anything to us, a girl when they went up, saw them “she said in the middle Facing.

After the attackers left, the young woman and her boyfriend were assisted by at least 6 people. “Guys came up to help us. We press the wound. He would look at me and ask me to ask for help and he would talk about it so that I would not fall asleep. The police arrived in 20 minutes and the ambulance at 40 minutes, he was bleeding out. He was attended by a paramedic, I lower the motorized and then they took him by ambulance “he told through tears.

Faced with the terrible fact that she had to live, the young woman asked the authorities for a greater police presence, since for some time now she feels that Salta became insecure. “Whenever we went we did not feel safe, the policemen were always on the bike. That day I was not. I ask for more security, what happened to the boy from the Park. A lot of things are happening, to increase security, we are re insecure. No one can save us and the police don’t take care of us. That they do something about it that they react “

Finally the young woman said “It is only but that he recovers and that God send him a lot of strength so that he is well. He is strong”.

Regarding the cause and the state of health of the 20-year-old, the Criminal Prosecutor 4, in charge of Facundo Ruiz de los Llanos took intervention initially and given the severity of the injury received by the 19-year-old, who risked his life, the proceedings were turned to the Serious Attack Unit, where the investigation will be directed by the criminal prosecutor on duty, Leandro Flores.

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