He smashed the window of the car that offered to help him out of a sewer

A moment of extreme violence took place around 10:15 p.m. in Indiada in 2000, when the owner of a vehicle that had suffered an accident violently attacked a car that tried to help him.

There, a Volkswagen Polo got confused, ending up inside a sewer. Upon the arrival of the public servants, their driver was not at the scene, being the companion – Sabrina Albornoz, 21 years old – who reported that her boyfriend had had a nervous breakdown and had left.

On the shoulder there was a Chevrolet Corsa, which was guided by Lucas SepĂșlveda, 33 (accompanied by his partner and two girls), who explained that minutes before he had braked in the place to collaborate with the injured, who, almost without mediating words, he smashed the window of his unit.

An ambulance was presented preventively in the sector. In addition, Civil Defense, Police and Urban Traffic personnel worked.

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