He signed a life sentence for the femicide of his partner for 20 years

Ana María was the sister of federal judge Aldo Mario Alurralde.

A 68-year-old man was sentenced this Wednesday in Santa Fe to life imprisonment for the beating femicide of his partner in 2019 and the subsequent setting up of a scene to simulate a robbery, judicial sources reported.

The sentence was reached within the framework of an abbreviated trial and fell on Santiago Daniel Fernández, who was sentenced to life imprisonment by judges Nicolás Falkenberg, Luis Octavio Silva and Gustavo Urdiales for qualified homicide for mediating gender violence (femicide), to the detriment of Ana María Alurralde, who was the sister of the federal Reconquista judge, Aldo Mario Alurralde. After the femicide, the magistrate wrote a heartfelt public letter to the Santa Fe society where, in addition to his sister, he mentions another woman who was also a partner of his former brother-in-law and met an equally tragic end.

The femicide of her sister was investigated by the prosecutor Ana Laura Gioria on behalf of the Public Prosecutor’s Office (MPA). The prosecutor said that “at first, the condemned man made a complaint in which he said that his partner had not returned to the house where they lived” and added that “he stated that his car had been stolen.”

Gioria said that “already in the first testimonies that were taken, relatives and close associates of the victim gave an account of the acts of violence, harassment and control to which the woman was subjected by Fernández.”

“In fact, it was one of the witnesses who reported that Fernández himself confessed to having committed the femicide” and said that he also “specified where he had hidden the woman’s body and the vehicle that was falsely reported as stolen.”

The testimony of that person was truthful, since “both the body and the car were in that place.”

The prosecutor Gioria stressed that “beyond the false complaint that was filed immediately after committing the crime, in the hearing of the shortened trial, Fernández acknowledged his criminal responsibility.”

In the case, it was established that the femicide was committed between 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 17, 2019 and the first hours of the following day, in the house where the victim and Fernández lived, located in Regis Martínez at 4000 in the city of Santa Fe. .

The prosecutor said that “with the intention of taking the woman’s life, Fernández hit her repeatedly with his fists and with a blunt object,” for which Alurralde “died as a result of the attack.”

Gioria affirmed that the femicide “happened in a context of gender violence in which Alurralde was immersed”, and insisted that “the investigation shows that the man psychologically subjected the victim for years.”

Fernández was convicted as the perpetrator of the crime of homicide qualified by the link and for having been perpetrated by a man against a woman, mediating gender violence.

The case

Ana María Alurralde was 59 years old. She was found dead on Saturday, October 19, 2019 in a ditch located in General Paz and Las Mandarinas, in the town of Monte Vera, about 15 kilometers from the city of Santa Fe. On Friday morning, her partner, who then She was 66 years old and lived with her for two decades in the Schneider neighborhood of the provincial capital, she had denounced the disappearance of the woman. But shortly after, he was delayed by inconsistencies in his statements. Neighbors said they both had children from previous relationships and were always seen together.

However, Ana María’s brother judge mentioned an imminent separation as the motive for the crime and did not fail to mention a previous relationship between the accused and another woman who has been missing for more than 30 years.

This is Marta Romero who, according to the magistrate in the open letter, has been missing for more than three decades. The last time they saw her was in front of the Iturraspe hospital in Santa Fe and her car was also found abandoned. “Paradoxically, both women were in the process of separation. Two women who were missing for two moments in history (past and present), two abandoned cars and the police investigating, in both cases, the hypothesis of a kidnapping or voluntary escape, ”the judge wrote in his public defense.

“My family knew and knew about the disappearance of Marta Romero, but believed in what Ana’s partner had always said:” her disappearance would have been due to a kidnapping or perhaps a voluntary elopement with another man “presenting her narrator as a victim more of that situation since Marta “had also left” a baby of months that they had in common. How could we not believe in the story of that man if justice in so many years had never doubted his innocence. Perhaps the clarification of this previous fact could have prevented Ana’s death ”, he concludes.

Open letter from judge Aldo Alurralde for the femicide of his sister, Ana María

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