He said it! Morena Rial revealed her trick to lose weight before surgery

“I did a couple of things. The belly, the tail, the arms and the legs. I still need a surgery a little later to finish everything”, Morena told in a video that she uploaded to her Instagram stories.

“I believe that in november i will continue with what I lack, I go for the second part. I have to talk about that well with the doc, but I think so, guys, “Morena estimated.

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The blonde explained that this time she decided to have a tummy tuck. “Let’s see … I made myself more than a lipo. I had a tummy tuck, which is when they cut you and take you out, so I don’t think lipo is that painful “.

In addition, he assured that it was not an exchange and that he paid for its retouching. “Everything good is paidWhen you want to see good results, you have to pay, not go to exchange, “he said bluntly.

Now, Morena Rial He returned to answer the questions of the followers who are still interested in his transformation and revealed how he did to lose weight before having his surgery. More said that drink cold tea before every meal.

“For those who ask me if I take something to lose weight, I take before every meal, breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner, this juice. Bah, they are actually some teas but I make them cold because I like it better and it is more rich”, He replied in his Instagram stories along with a video showing his infusion.


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