He refuses to show his CST and swings a chair in the window of a cafe, in Dison

Thursday, the owner of a café in the Place du Marché, in Dison, had to refuse a customer who did not want to show his CST. In rage, he threw a chair at the window.

This Thursday, around 4 p.m., the atmosphere was tense on the side of the Place du Marché, in Dison. A customer of a café, a 32-year-old Verviétois, refused to show his Covid Safe Ticket to the owner of the establishment. Unable to authorize his presence in the bistro, she then asks him to leave the premises,

Under the influence of the drink and very upset, the person concerned went out and grabbed a terrace chair which was outside. He threw it in the window of the establishment. Following this chair throw, the hold-up alarm of the establishment was triggered.

“The police officers of the intervention and neighborhood service of the Vesdre area have indeed observed damage in the upper right corner of the window and have written a report of their findings., says the police. The author of the degradations will finally be taken home and summoned for a hearing.

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