He ran into spilled cereal on the asphalt and ended up with the car in a deep ditch

Where did it fall from, who was responsible? A spilled grain mound near the terminals of the oilseed complex in Puerto General San Martín could cause a serious road accident. What happened in the early hours of this Thursday was lucky: the driver of a car ran into the grains and in the maneuver to avoid them ended up with his vehicle fallen on its nose in a deep ditch. The man got it cheap, because he got through the incident without injury.

The lack of apprehension and the fog created the scene for the road danger, shortly after 2.30 in the Presidente area Perón and Belgrano, from Puerto San Martín. ACP, 39, told what happened to the police and health emergency personnel who arrived at the scene after a 911 call.

The man reported that he was going with his Corsa Classic to the Chinese-owned cereal company Cofco. He was driving along Calle Perón from west to east when, about 70 meters from the intersection with Belgrano, he came across a large mound of cereal spilled on the asphalt. The dense fog at that time prevented him from detecting the obstacle early enough. He had to make a sudden maneuver to try to avoid it, and he ended up losing control of the vehicle. The car fell off its nose into the deep ditch that borders Perón on its south side.

The doctors who arrived in an Amce service ambulance found that the unfortunate driver had not suffered injuries.

The actions of the fact were in charge of the police station 5ta from Puerto San Martín.

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