“He ran for help”: armed attack leaves one dead and one woman injured in zone 1 of the capital

A confusing armed attack on a busy road in the capital city this Monday, January 10 left a deceased person and an injured woman as the balance.

The event occurred in the corner of 14th street and 9th. avenue of the capital zone 1.

In accordance with preliminary versions of first responders and witnesses, some hitmen on a motorcycle shot the driver of a moving vehicle.

However, when he did not hit the pilot, he descended along with another person from the car, which apparently functioned as a taxi, and he ran for help.

Moments later the attackers caught up with him and they finished him on the road.

At the time of the attack a woman was walking on the street and was hit by bullets.

Wounded went to the Rectory of Beatas de Belén to ask for help, from where she was transferred to a healthcare center.

The Volunteer Firefighters reported that the road was still lit the vehicle attacked with several bullets in the windshield.

The deceased man was identified as José Antonio Vásquez, 34, while the injured woman is Elva Pirir Hernández, 38 years old.

The event caused traffic jams throughout the area.

(Free Press Photo: Byron García)
(Free Press Photo: Byron García)

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